Super Sword Blade

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Super Sword Blade


In ancient times the world was run by beasts. Beasts which stopped at nothing to ensure the extinction of civilization. The beasts craved chaos, much at the despair of the people who lived among them.

Among the people there were three brave souls. They forged an enchanted blade and using the blade drove away the beasts, but when doing so, one of them lost their life.

The people were overjoyed thanks to their saviour. However they were also saddened due to the fall of their hero.

The hero’s blade was split in three and divided over the kingdoms. For if the time comes a new hero could arise. A Hero to save the people when the beasts return.

Although the legend was passed on, it was eventually forgotten by most. Whilst the three parts of the enchanted blade are still possessed by their kingdoms, few know of its true importance.

Sliced Ham and Eggs

The loving but awfully loud voice of your mother pulls from your deep slumber. "Bolo! Wake up and go to the butcher for me." You roll out of your bed and get dressed in mere seconds. "Whilst you're out, get us some eggs too."

Naturally you do what your kind mother asks of you. When you open the door you hesitate for a moment. The sun is definitely shining today.

Super Sword Blade Super Sword Blade

Stabbed by Shadows

"One dozen of eggs coming right up!" As the farmer disappears behind his shelve, the sun disappears behind some clouds. However they look too dark to be regular clouds. You look behind you. A fire, screams and an ear piercing growl. Without thinking you run back home. Reaching the flames which were once your home, another growl grabs your attention. A horrific monster stands next to your house. Due to its size, you saw it as a building at first.

The monster looks at you, but other than it's bloodthirsty eyes you notice something else. It's got your mother in its claws. Before you can do anything the monster runs off, leaving you and your village in ruins.

After the smoke clears up the villagers decide to go to the capital to see the king. You pack what's left of your things and leave.

Poking in Royal Business

"This ancient evil can only be defeated by the one blade to have done it before!" The whole room is silenced as the voice of the king's advisors echoes off the walls. "We must send a brave knight to collect the parts of it which are still with the other kingdoms. That knight shall defeat the monster and save the kingdom." The king takes a short look at his advisor. "You heard him! Is there any knight who will attempt to slay this beast?"

As the remains of the king's words fade off in the distance, the rooms stays silent. You decide to step forward. A grin appears on the king's face. "You? A little girl to defeat a monster? That's just silly. However, since you seem to be the only one brave enough, you deserve a chance.

The task of retrieving the pieces of the blade from the other kingdoms doesn't seem too dangerous, you can do that first to prove your worth. If you return with both pieces, you will get the third and last one from me. I'll have my advisor dig it up as he is apparently the only one to remember we had such a thing." The king takes a moment to breath. Noticing you and your village are still in his throne room he stands up and starts waving his hands high above his head. "Farewell small knight. I wish you well on your quest!"

Super Sword Blade Super Sword Blade

Cutting Branches

“This is it, oink. Frog Kingdom.” Casserole, a small pig, followed you when you left the king's castle. He made the good point that you had no idea how to get to the other kingdoms. He agreed to help you out and went with you to the Kingdom of Frogs. Now you both stand on the edge of a swamp. A strong damp wind hits you. One last whiff of fresh air and you move in.

The silence and dim light are unnerving. Your socks slowly get more and more wet. You try to avoid the intense smell by breathing through your mouth. It doesn't help. A croaky voice reaches you from the distance. “Stand still and get over here!” Two frogs in armor walk towards you. “How can they stand still and get over here at once?” The smaller of the two asks. The other responds with an annoyed croak.

Chiffonade Flies for the Frog King

“Well you heard the king. He has no use for that dusty old sword piece, however we do have our laws and you broke one!” You look at Casserole, he seems to be just as confused as you. Since you arrived the king hasn't moved nor made a sound. How could he have said all that? “Scaring away our sacred flies means you will have to make a meal for our king. If he likes it you go free. If he doesn't, well… he'll eat you.”

You and Casserole get taken to the kitchen. Good thing your mother taught you to cook, although she never told you how to properly prepare flies. You cut and chop and chop and slice. Bake, fry and grill, then cook some rice.

You present the meal to the frog king. Deep down you don't expect the king to move at all. Just as you take a deep breath, the king's tongue shoots towards the meal. In a second it's gone. “He loves it!” The frogs start croaking in excitement. The frog from before walks up to you with a piece of the legendary blade. “Here you go. You can keep that old kitchen knife too. Should be of more use to you. We tend to eat our flies whole.”

Super Sword Blade Super Sword Blade

Hacking Through Grass

“I should tell you something before we reach the Pig Kingdom oink. You see I can't go into the pig kingdom since I oink… well I got banished you see.” Being mesmerized by the grand open fields and the light breeze brushing past your nose, it takes a moment for those words to sink in. Banished? “I know what you're thinking oink. See we've got these mud baths oink. The Pig Kingdom is famous for them oink. This means they're well protected and the price you pay for tainting one is Banishment. Oink.” You struggle to hide a grin. “Hey I couldn't help it! Oink. Anyway, if I'm going in there with you I'll need a disguise.”

A frog? No way you could turn Casserole green. A bird? Yeah, when pigs fly! A sheep? You'd only need some wool. “Well I am a bit chilly, oink.”

Dicing Their Stupid Smirk


You and Casserole have found a flock of sheep, but they’re not alone. A pack of dogs keep pushing the sheep over. “Woof woof, that's what ya get for callin’ me a bad dog! Woof.” “I just said bah, like any sheep would, please leave us alone!”

You look at Casserole. He sighs, then nods. You jump out from behind your hiding spot. “Woof woof, what is this?” The biggest of the dogs turns to you with a wide smirk on his face. “I ain't going to treat you the same as those weak sheep. Woof.” The remaining dogs huddle behind their leader, ready to strike. A concerned “Oink!” sounds from the bushes. You grab your knife.

Super Sword Blade Super Sword Blade

Town of Unshaved Pork

“Oink oink oink oink oink.” all around you there are pigs oinking about their day. “So this is Pig Plaza. Our best bet is to ask around if anyone here knows about the last piece of that old blade, oink.”

You and Casserole spend the whole afternoon asking around. Casserole admittedly did more eating at the various food stalls than asking. Yet, you still manage to figure out that the blade piece must be in Pig Palace, the only place you’d find items of that nature.

You and Casserole reach the palace. It's surrounded by a fence. The fence, whilst absolutely tall enough to stop a pig from entering, only reaches up to your bellybutton.

“What's your business? Oink.” Two pig guards stand by the only gate in the fence. You try to explain about the blade and why you need it to defeat the evil which will surely spread. Before you finish the word 'blade’ one of the guards interrupts you. “Oink. Listen, if it ain't about food, the king won't hear it. So if you could just oink back to your crispy town, that would be fantastic. Oink.”

You start to walk back. However, as soon as you notice the pigs losing interest, you turn around and swiftly move past them. Casserole is right behind you. Casserole squeaks softly: “What are you trying to do? Oink.” You pick him up and throw him over the fence. The guards didn't notice. You silently step over the fence yourself. You are now a pig criminal.

Chopped Up Coconut

“Over there! That must be the final blade piece!” Casserole oinks excitedly, probably louder than would be appropriate.

To your own amazement you reached the royal pig treasury without being noticed. All the way at the top of pig tower.

The treasury is full of shiny objects, and strangely enough a lot of food. Some of the food has been partially eaten. The only thing you’re interested in is the blade piece right in front of you.

You pick up the blade piece revealing something​ troubling. Under all the treasure lays a small pig. A small pig whom you just woke.

It takes one look at you and starts screeching. It's​ not long before you hear pig guards scurrying up the tower stairs.

Casserole is frozen in his place. Without thinking you pick him up. “Are you insane?!” Casserole shouts as you run straight toward the stairs. On your way you take a silver platter from the treasury.

Before the pig guards reach the top of the stairs you leap over their heads. With the platter under your feet you slide down the stairs. Faster than any pig could run.

Super Sword Blade Super Sword Blade

Piercing the Heart of Darkness

“You did well my son!” A pulsating dark mass is growing bigger and bigger where the king's advisor once stood. The king and his staff hastily scurry away.

The ancient blade is gone. Taken by the monster in front of you. It's barely contained in the throne room.

“My son” Those words echo through your head. Casserole, your friend, had tricked you to collect all the blade pieces, only to make sure his father could take them for himself. His father, the king's advisor, the ancient monster who took your mother.

The monster roars, making the ground below you shiver. It looks like your end has come, but you're not afraid. The ancient blade was not what killed the beast long ago. The blade was just a blade. It was the hero, his bravery and the love of his people that killed the beasts. You have that same love.

You try to take your knife, but before you can a large claw hits you. Your knife bounces to the other side of the room, while you hit the floor. It gets dark for a second. You didn't expect it to hurt this much.

You open your eyes, soft oinking coming from your chest. It's Casserole. He’ is crying. “I'm so sorry.”

You stand up, with your knife in your hands and Casserole behind you, you launch at the beast.


“You did well. So so well.” The king's got his hand on your shoulder. His servants are cleaning up the remains of the beast. You're crying. The beast might be gone, but so is your mother.

“Bolo!” That voice. You know that voice. Before you can turn around your mother hugs your. Instead of crying less you only cry more.

In your mother's arms, with Casserole at your feet, this story has found its end. Thanks to you, brave hero.

Super Sword Blade

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